Discover Iqaluit




 $200 per person

$350 1 person
$500 2 people

$700 1-2 people

If you only have a couple of hours and would like to get out and see the beauty of Iqaluit, you can join us for a ski or bike tour, self-powered or dog-assisted.

Looking to experience breathtaking scenery of Iqaluit from a dog sled? If you are, then this tour is a great option for you.  You will get to meet the team, this year's puppies, learn about their good and bad habits, and follow them along on a memorable ride.

If your idea of a perfect outing is a long dog sled ride, covering varied Arctic terrain, and bonding with a team of working Inuit Sled Dogs then this tour will meet your needs.  Kool Runnings will take care of all your logistics including food, hot drinks and warm clothing.




Spend 1 or 2 nights with us over the weekend.  Explore local trails by dog team and learn more about winter camping.  This trip is perfect for those trying to learn more about Arctic travel and camping in the winter or just wanting the once in a life time experience in the Canadian Arctic.


If your idea of a perfect vacation includes travelling between two Baffin Island communities, then look no further than this exclusive adventure. Kool Runnings will take care of all of the details; from planning the perfect itinerary to providing a unique and memorable trip.


Looking to have a unique experience including breathtaking scenery from a dog sled viewpoint? Whether you are looking to connect different communities, or explore by dog team, then this adventure is a great option for you. Kool Runnings will take care of all the logistics of the tour planning, all you have to do is open your mind to a new experience. Get in touch to learn more now.



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